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This web site is designed to assist parents create a learning and growing environment for their children. Here you will finds bits of wisdom and parenting articles you can sink your teeth into. (Articles originally published in the "Coldwater Daily Reporter.")

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4th of July Rules
Abduction, Protecting Your Child From
Adult Children Who Make Unwise Choices
Alone, Parenting
America's Promise
Anger - What Is It?
Anger - Teaching What To Do Instead
Anger - Teaching Children How to Control
Anger - The Moral Foundation for Controling
Agressive Behavior in Children, Handling
Art of Parenting, The
Attitude Problem, Parenting a Child With an
Atypical Behavior of Small Children
Back to School Ideas
Bath Time for the Young Child
Behavior Management of Children
Beliefs That Are Dangerous to Children
Bored - Helping Children Entertain Themselves
Broken Record Technique, The
Changing World - Protecting Our Children in a Changing World
Character Development, The Importance of
Character Education
Characteristics We Want in Our Child
Child-Care Decision, The
Car Behavior
Cars and Teenagers
Children's Distorted Reality
Choices, The Role of When Raising a Child
Christmas - Is there a Santa
Christmas - The Meaning of in a Child's Life
Christmas - The Magic of
Church: When a Child Does Not Want to Go
Conflict Mediation
Conflict Resolution, Teaching Children
Correcting Children
Creating the Parent
Death, Helping Children Handle
Defending Themselves, Teaching Children to
Different Parenting Styles
Discipline Methods from the book "Children the Challenge"
Divorce and Visitation
Education for Life
Empathy - The Importance of
Expectations - The Importance of
Faith in Children
Family and Government
Family Council
Fears of Children, Handling
Feelings, The Power of Recognizing a Child's
Fidelity and Chastity, Teaching
Freedom for Children, The Importance of
Gifts a Parent Can Give, Free
Giving Your Child an Unfair Advantage
Halloween and the Small Child
Having Fun at the Child's Expense
Journal Keeping
Labels Given to Children
Listening to Our Children, The Importance of
Love and Kindness, Are they Synonymous?
Love with Understanding
Managing Children's Behavior
Memories, Why Parent's Memories may Differ from Children's
Mother, Remembering
Negative Behavior, Responding to Children's
One Line Responses or Stopping the Word Game Kids Play
Parenting Again, If I Could Do It Over
Parents - Two Kinds
Parent's Influence on Children
Peace Ability
Perception, Parents View of the Child
Pespective, The Right
Phrases Parent Should Eliminate
Picking Up
Predictability in a Child's Life
Reality, The Importance of
Religious Awarness
Religion, Why Teach Children
Resolutions, New Year's
Respect Others, Helping Children Learn to
Respecting Others, Without Accepting Their Ideas
Rooms, Children's Messy
Sadness Technique, The
Self Disciplined,Helping Children Become
Sexual Abuse, Addressing
Sexual Abuse, Effect on Children
Sexual Responsibility, Teaching to Your Children
Spanking, What is it?
Spanking, Effects on the Child
Spanking, What to do Instead
Sportsmanship, Encouraging in Children
Standards, Living by
Support the Family
Task of the Child, The
Technology Addiction, Addressing the Problem of
Telephone, The Use of
Think, The Way Children
Threats When Training Children?, How Effective are
Traditional Beliefs, Living With Attacks on
War, Teaching Children About
Wayward Child, The
Who's at Fault?
Why Have Children?
Work, The Importance of

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