Protecting Your Child from Abduction

By Ron Hindbaugh M.A.


Each year thousands of children in the U.S. are abducted by strangers or parents. This has become an epidemic in our nation. There is nothing more frightening for a parent then to discover that your child is missing. When you don't know where your child is, all kinds of possibilities run through your head and you cannot rest until you know where your child is.
Because abductions seem rare and because parents do not want to frighten their children, parents may not address this subject with their child. One abduction is one to many. Therefore, ways to protect our children have become a number one priority.
The wise parent prepares their children to cope with situations that, although rare, can occur. The child who is prepared is in a much better situation to protect them or get help should someone attempt to abduct them. You as parents can protect your children from being abducted or exploited. Teach your children to:

         As a parent there are some things you can do over and above what you teach your child to do to protect them.  They are:

          Hopefully your child will never need to escape from an abductor or implement the instructions you give them.  But the security these instructions give the child and the parent makes the process of teaching them worth the time spent.