Methods of Discipline from “Children the Challenge”


By Ron Hindbaugh M.A.


Although we often think that the modern methods of parenting are better, more respectful, and better suited for our day a list of ideas on parenting is published here to illustrate that good parenting has really not changed much. This list was taken from a book called “Children the Challenge” written in 1964. The author, Rudolph Dreikurs, M.D., elaborates a chapter on each one of these ideas. The ideas may be old but they are not old fashion.

1.    Understand Your Child.

2.    Encourage Your Child.

3.    Avoid Punishment and Reward.

4.    Use Natural and Logical Consequences.

5.    Be Firm without Dominating.

6.    Show Respect for the Child.

7.    Induce Respect for Order.

8.    Induce Respect for the Rights of Others.

9.    Eliminate Criticism and Minimize Mistakes.

10. Maintain Routine.

11. Take Time for Training.

12. Win Co-operation.

13. Avoid Giving Undue Attention.

14. Sidestep the Struggle for Power.

15. Withdraw from the Conflict.

16. Act! Keep Your Mouth Shut.

17. Don't Shoo Flies.

18. Use Care in Pleasing: Have the Courage to Say "No".

19. Avoid the First Impulse: Do the Unexpected.

20. Refrain from Overprotection.

21. Stimulate Independence.

22. Stay out of Fights!

23. Be Unimpressed by Fears.

24. Mind your own Business.

25. Avoid the Pitfalls of Pity.

26. Make Requests Reasonable and Sparse.

27. Follow Through - Be Consistent.

28. Put Them All in the Same Boat.

29. Listen!

30. Watch Your Tone of Voice.

31. Take It Easy.

32. Downgrade "Bad" Habits.

33. Have Fun Together.

34. Meet the challenge of TV.

35. Use Religion Wisely.

36. Talk With Them, Not To Them.

37. Establish a Family Council.

        Perhaps we need to practice these approaches a little more aggressively today, in today’s world.