The Magic of Christmas


By Ron Hindbaugh M.A.


Each society has traditions, stories, and principals that are taught to the young and cherished by the old. These traditions give life meaning and direction. In our culture, Christmas is such a phenomena. When Christmas is mentioned young and old alike seem to light up. Memories are recalled. Feelings are expressed.  Current responsibilities seem to become less significant and time seems to stand still. No words can describe the melancholy and memories associated with "Christmas."

Use this Christmas Magic to create experiences for your children. Create experiences that can be recalled years later. This bottled Christmas Magic will be available for your child later in life when parents are no longer present to influence.

Here are some ideas on how to gain the most from the Magic of Christmas:

1.      We all have problems and, if you let them occupy our thoughts, it will be harder to utilize the magic teaching moments the Christmas Season provides.  Your problems will be there when Christmas is over. So tuck them away somewhere so they do not take from this special season. The memories of many adults who lived during the Great Depression are good memories because wise parents took the opportunity to focus on the meaning of Christmas, not the problems.

2.      Look for, and create teaching moments with your children. Do this by asking questions like, "I wonder what makes Christmas such a happy time?" or "Is it the giving or receiving of presents that makes people happy?" or "I wonder how Mary and Joseph felt when they had to sleep the night in a stable?" Use the Christmas time to stimulate your child to think about things that give life real meaning.

3.      Light candles, build a fire in the fire place, or read scripture - do the same thing year after year.  In the future when your children see candles lit at Christmas, see a fire in a fireplace, or hear a certain scripture read, the feelings and memories associated with these things will be evoked and have a positive impact on them.

4.      Remember your history of Christmas and share it with your children. Tell them what you have learned from Christmas experiences and the Christmas Story. If you can do this, your wisdom, values, and traditions will be available for your children in the form of memories and stories that they will pass on to their own children.

5.      Be aware of the wonder in your children's faces, especially their eyes, as the magic of Christmas works on them. Let the warmth and peace of your love rule your home.

Resolve to make this Christmas the most memorable ever. Have faith in yourself, your children, and this season of celebration. Let the magic of that special birthday fill your home. Have faith in the "magic" of Christmas.